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Weights and measures (legal metrology)

What do we do?

We check and verify weighing and measuring equipment from weighbridges to shop scales from measures in pubs to petrol pumps. We also inspect and test goods sold by weight and measure. We test packaged goods at retail level and the systems that are used in the manufacturing process. We test goods sold at retail level ranging from food items to road fuel and home heating oil deliveries. We also check the quantity of goods delivered to businesses.

We can provide advice to businesses on current legislation and proposed legislation as well as a metrological technology service and we are able to assist West Sussex businesses in taking advantage of the free movement of goods and metrological equipment within the European Union.

Please note that the provision of business advice is now subject to charge. See Contact Trading Standards for further details.

Public weighbridges

There are a number of public weighbridges in West Sussex and they are listed below.




Size of Plate

Hours available

Monday to Friday




Bognor Road Portfield
Chichester West Sussex

Phone:01243 784171

50 Tonnes

15m x3m




Geo Richardson Ltd

Hurst Works Cuckfield Road
Goddards Green, Burgess Hill, West Sussex.
RH15 8RE.

Phone: 01444 870030

50 Tonnes

15m x3m




Highways Agency

Withy Patch Lancing
West Sussex

Dynamic Axle weigher


Self Weigh facility 24hr

Self Weigh facility 24hr

Self Weigh facility 24hr

Withy Patch is a self-weigh dynamic single axle weighbridge. To weigh a car or van you press the button and wait for the green light, you then drive in first gear slowly over the plate, both axles. The display will show your axle weights as you go over then after a while the total for the car. For a car with a caravan/trailer, weigh the car first then drive the car and caravan/trailer over together and subtract the car weight giving you the trailer/caravan weight. For private vehicles refer to your owner's manual to ensure your vehicle is not overweight.

Staff at other public weighbridges will assist with weighing of vehicles.

Driving an overladen vehicle is dangerous and illegal.


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