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7 February 2018

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Contact us for social care support or advice

How to contact the Adults’ CarePoint team.

1 How to get in touch

You may also prefer someone, such as a relative, friend or your GP, to contact us for you.

It can be helpful to complete a self-assessment form before contacting us.

If you have any special communication or access needs contact our sensory teams so we can discuss your situation.

You can find more social care information on West Sussex Connect to Support.

2 After you contact us

When you first contact us we will:

  • talk with you about your circumstances, or those of the person you are concerned about
  • help you find information and advice about services and support in your local community
  • forward urgent specialist adult social care enquiries, including any safeguarding concerns, to relevant staff
  • record details of non-urgent specialist enquiries
  • arrange for someone to contact you by the end of the following day.

If you need further support your enquiry will be passed to a team which will:

  • carry out specialist assessments, offer further advice as required and identify if you are eligible for funded adult social care or to borrow equipment
  • respond to all urgent enquiries, including safeguarding concerns. 

3 Emergencies

We provide emergency cover outside normal office hours of 9.00am-5.00pm, Monday-Friday, covering evenings and overnight, weekends and bank holidays.

  • Phone: 01243 642121 or 01243 642425 (urgent referrals for adults)
  • Phone: 01903 843239 (to contact an Approved Mental Health Professional, who will consider an urgent Mental Health Act Assessment - for all age groups)

4 Accessible Information Standard

The Accessible Information Standard ensures that if you have a disability you can easily get information you understand and receive any communication support you need.

The Standard aims to support you so you can be fully involved in decisions about your care.

All organisations that provide NHS or social care services must follow the Standard and:

  • ask people if they have any information or communication needs
  • record and highlight those needs on a person’s record 
  • set out how to meet those needs
  • share the information about the person’s needs with other social care or NHS providers as part of any referral or handover process
  • meet the needs by ensuring all communications are understood and that any communication support required is provided.

Our Adults’ Services Accessible Information Communications Strategy sets out our approach to meeting the Standard.

5 Further information

Further information on getting social care support is available in the booklet below.

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