Request permission for temporary development signs

Apply for permission to erect temporary location signs for housing developments.

Request permission for temporary development signs

  • This form will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.
  • Please allow yourself enough time to complete this form in one session as there is no option to save and come back to it later.
  • The questions marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory and require an answer. You do not have to answer all of the other questions, but it would help us if you do.
  • You will need to attach evidence of public liability insurance and sign design/locations to this form by uploading it from the device you are using (computer, tablet).
  • A minimum of 4 weeks notice is required to process your application.

Your data privacy

Before completing this form please read our general Privacy Policy (opens in a new window).

This explains why we ask for your data, what we do with it and how long we will keep it. It also explains how you can find out what data we hold about you and how you can ask us to delete it.

Applicant details

Enter the applicant's first name.
Enter the applicant's last name.
Enter an email address where we can write to the applicant.
Enter a daytime phone number that we can ring the applicant on. This can be a mobile or land line number.
Enter another phone number we can reach the applicant on. This can be a mobile or land line number.

Company details

Enter the company name.
Enter the address name or number. This could be a flat, house or building name or number.
Enter the first line of the address. This could be the street name.
Enter the second line of the address if you need to. This could be the village name.
Enter the town or city of the postal address.
Enter postcode, with or without spaces.

Development details

Enter the name of the development.
Enter the total number of bedrooms in the development.
Enter the road name the development is in.
Enter the town or city of the development.
Enter the proposed start date of the development.

Sign details

Enter the number of signs required.
Enter the sign legend.
Enter the proposed start date for the erection of the signs.
Enter your purchase order number for us to invoice against.
Enter the address of where we should send the invoice.
Enter the email address of where we should send the invoice.

Documents to upload

Upload the sign design, including height and dimensions.
Upload a schedule identifying proposed sign locations and fixing details.
Upload evidence of public liability insurance.
Upload a traffic management plan for sign works if appropriate.


I/We apply for consent to erect and maintain temporary direction signs as detailed in the attached schedule and plan and agree to be invoiced for the appropriate costs, including in the event of cancellations.

I/We undertake to indemnify West Sussex County Council, its officers, servants and agents against all costs, claims and expenses, damage to property and injury to persons howsoever caused arising directly or indirectly from the temporary signing and associated works.

Enter your full name to show you agree to the above statements.

Submitting your form

Click the submit button only once.

Please be patient as it will take a few moments to process your form and redirect you to our confirmation page.

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