WSCC to lead calls for devolution to the South East.

West Sussex County Council Leader Goldsmith today announced the authority would be at the forefront of calls to the government to devolve powers to the South East.


West Sussex County Council is to call on the government to give more powers to county authorities.

Devolving powers from Whitehall to county council level will enable a co-ordinated approach to delivering better services for local people, improving the economy and attracting more investment, Council Leader Louise Goldsmith told today’s meeting of Full Council.

WSCC has commissioned research into the benefits that would follow for communities in the south east if county councils were given greater autonomy by the government.

Speaking at today’s meeting at County Hall in Chichester, Louise said: “This work highlights the very strong economy in the South East but that economic success comes at a price which county councils deal with day in day out.

“We are acutely aware that we need to nurture our vibrant economy which continues to be the economic powerhouse for the South East.”

The work highlights that seven councils alone in the south east produced more than £133 billion in GVA in 2012 – making them the third largest contributor to the UK’s economy – and they have more active enterprises than Scotland and the Greater Manchester Combined Authority together.

The research emphasises the potential benefits of devolution and the need for central government to change. It describes an offer to the Government that would help sustain growth for the whole UK economy and identifies an initial list of potential “devolution asks”.  These are grouped into five areas:
• Fiscal devolution – access to defined additional funding sources.
• Road and Rail Infrastructure – to influence or share planning decisions.
• Employment and Skills – roles in areas such as apprenticeships/ troubled families.
• Social Care and Health – additional roles in influencing the care market.
• Infrastructure for the Future – broader longer term initiatives.

Louise will now look to work with other councils across the south east to take forward the work and prepare the case for greater devolved powers to be given to county authorities.

Louise said: “There is considerable work to do to prepare a case, particularly around infrastructure, social care, our work on the troubled families agenda and skills.

“To me, this work is about building a case to put to the government about how devolution could help resolve some of those really key issues around infrastructure and adult social care.”

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Last updated:
6 February 2018

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