West Sussex Plan shapes County Council services for next five years

The County Council has agreed a five year plan pledged which outlines the council's priorities.


West Sussex County Council has pledged to change the way it works, do more, embrace its communities and be ambitious.

At its recent full County Council meeting, Councillors agreed a five year plan.

The West Sussex Plan sets out how the council will shape its services for the next five years. The priorities will focus on:

  • Giving our children and young people the best start in life
  • Ensuring West Sussex is a prosperous place
  • Our communities will be strong, safe and sustainable
  • We will support you in later life to remain independent
  • We will be a council that works for our communities

Louise Goldsmith, Leader of the Council said: “We continue with our drive to give our children the very best start in life. For many that is exactly what they get but we know there are still children who are neglected, abused, and exploited. We pledge to protect and help them, give them the future they deserve. We’ll work with our partners to help them back on the road to stability.

“Education is vital. We work in partnerships with schools and colleges, focusing on the needs of the child whether educational, wellbeing or safeguarding; working together as one to support our young ones – the future. And we’ll continue to campaign for the funding our schools need.

“We should celebrate our older population who have so much to offer, but when frailty sets in we need to be there supporting them and working with communities to reduce the misery of social isolation. We are changing the way we work and working closely with our health partners, but also looking to modern technology too to make use of the most advanced techniques to help our elderly stay safe, secure and supported in their own homes. We will leave no stone unturned to help support and care for our elderly.

“This is a beautiful county with an environment that we must treasure and protect for future generations. That starts with the air that we breathe – air quality is an issue we won’t duck; West Sussex will be a healthy, safe place to live.

“We will drive up recycling, declaring a war on waste to save valuable resources and money too.

“Whatever one’s opinion about Brexit there is a need now more than ever to ensure our businesses continue to grow to provide jobs today and tomorrow in this county.

“In a time when there is contraction and hunkering down, we are most certainly not. We are changing what we do, focusing on prevention, protecting our young and old, becoming greener and cleaner, building strong empowered communities investing in our county to make sure we are equipped for tomorrow’s challenges by preparing today.”

To view the plan and find out more click here.

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Last updated:
6 February 2018

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