Pay-and-display for on-street parking in Chichester

Visitors will no longer need vouchers to park on the street in Chichester city centre from November 2.


West Sussex County Council is installing new pay-and-display parking machines at about 30 locations around the city.

Visitors no longer need vouchers to park on the street in Chichester city centre and will be able to pay for on-street parking in cash from Monday, November 2.

Tariffs stay exactly the same.

Vouchers remain valid for customers who still want to use them.

They are available from existing outlets as before.

The machines will start appearing on the streets from Monday, October 19, but need to be tested before they go live on November 2.

County Council Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport, John O’Brien, said: “Pay and display machines are much more convenient to use than having to rely on buying vouchers.

“It will now be obvious to people visiting Chichester what they need to do to pay for parking.”

He added: “Moving to pay-and-display machines will support tourism and boost the local economy.

“It will reduce congestion which results from motorists driving around the city, unsure of where to park or buy vouchers.”

Other benefits to pay-and-display include:

·         Greater flexibility compared to pre-paying for vouchers;

·         Prices displayed on machines; and

·         French, German and Polish language options available.

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Last updated:
6 February 2018

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