Borrow eAudiobooks

Choose from over 3,000 digital audiobooks to listen to for free on your electronic device.

Library members can borrow up to 20 electronic audiobooks at a time from RBdigital and listen to them on their computer, smartphone, tablet or portable music player.

Most titles have unlimited availability with no waiting lists, though a few titles may need to be reserved if they are already on loan. You will receive an email once your reservation is available.

Loans expire automatically after 21 days so there are no late charges to worry about.

How to access eAudiobooks

You must be a member of West Sussex Library Service as you will need your library card number to create an RBdigital account.

For mobile devices including tablets, smartphones and Kindle Fires

  • Install the RB Digital app (available from all app stores).
  • Use your West Sussex borrower number to register and create an account.
  • Search for and download eAudiobooks.
  • eMagazines, eBooks and eComics are also available via the app.

For Laptops, PCs and Macs

Customers will need to:

  • visit RB Digital support 
  • download an Audiobook desktop app for your PC or Mac
  • follow the instructions on the Audiobooks FAQ section from the RB Digital website
  • search for and download eAudiobooks.

Please note: Kindle (for example, Kindle Paperwhite), Nook and Kobo e-readers are incompatible with our library eAudiobooks.

You can also access eAudiobooks via the link below:

Search and download eAudiobooks

(West Sussex Library Service - RBdigital)

Any questions?

If you would like help or support using our eAudiobooks, email with your telephone number and a brief description of the help needed and we will get in touch as soon as we can.

Supporting information

Other formats

If you prefer to listen in another format, such as audiobook or MP3, a wide selection is available through the Library catalogue.

If you need further help please email

Last updated:
28 October 2020
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