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If walls could talk - The Edes House private tour

If you are part of a local group or would like to get some friends together, you can arrange a private tour of the house.

Available for groups of up to 20, our tour guide will tailor the tour to your requirements. You can make it part of a longer day by adding afternoon tea, a buffet lunch or refreshments.

Join us in the wonderful foyer where the story of Edes House begins, starting with a brief overview of life in late Stuart England. Emphasising the development of Chichester and looking at how national events impacted the city, the tour continues with a detailed look at the external architectural features of the house.

Back inside, the timeline of the owners of Edes House is woven with historical stories, poetry and anecdotes. These are conveyed by the art, photos, furniture and decorative features of the house.

The tour brings us right up to the present day with a look at how the house and garden are at the heart of West Sussex County Council. We consider the history of the county, its coats of arms and various flags, as well as the roles of the High Sheriff and Lord Lieutenant.

The visit concludes with a look at rarely seen images, originally displayed on old panelling in the house. These were intriguingly lost to America in the late 1930s.

The Edes House tour

This video uses YouTube's automated captions, which we have edited for accuracy.

The Edes House tour

2 mins

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