Location hire

The house

The wonderfully spacious foyer provides an impressive welcome in to the house alongside nine unique and varied rooms. These include the intimate Cowdray Room to the large Richmond Room with its baby grand piano.

With many rooms available, we can assist with providing extra private spaces you may require for a dressing room and green room. The rear of the house also provides an idyllic backdrop and has been used previously for vehicle and model photo shoots using the back driveway.


On-site parking is limited but we will help accommodate additional parking on request.

Access time to the house is flexible so we can arrange a suitable hire duration that works for you. Catering packages are also available on request.

Photo shoot hire

If you are looking to use the house for a photo shoot, contact the events team at Edes House.

Please note that our phone number may appear as 0800 or 03302.

Filming house hire

For filming house hire, we are working with Sussex Film Office, which is your first port of call for permits, filming locations, crew, cast and industry suppliers within West Sussex.

Find further information about filming in West Sussex.