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Emotionally based school refusal

The manual, 'Emotionally Based School Refusal - Guidance for Schools and Support Agencies' highlights the causes and characteristics of Emotionally Based School Refusal (EBSR) and contains an early identification tool; the Profile of Risk for EBSR. It sets out principles to underpin multi-disciplinary practice and a step wise framework for identification, planning and intervention.

It also contains the Attendance Risk Monitoring Schedule, to obtain pupil and parental perspectives about salient factors contributing to EBSR which inform a tailored action plan. Intervention strategies and considerations for reintegration are covered.

Emotionally Based School Refusal – Parent and Pupil Information Leaflets, 'Is your child anxious about attending school?' and 'Are you worried about going to school?' give advice about signs to look out for, appropriate action to take and sources of further support.

For further information please contact rachel.e.savage@westsussex.gov.uk or peter.emmerson@westsussex.gov.uk.

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