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Some useful strategies to help prevent food waste.

Last updated

31 March 2021

There are likely to be a number of reasons for household food waste, but here are a few useful strategies to help prevent it.

Reduce the amount you buy

Planning a menu for the week and making a list is essential and will also save money. Shops frequently promote BOGOF (Buy One Get One Free) deals. Other tempting offers are the 'loss leaders' where a number of products will be considerably marked down in price, generally close to the store entrance, to attract your immediate attention. Are these items actually on your list? Will you definitely use them? Do you need to change your plans/list to accommodate them?

Check 'Best before' and 'Use by' dates

Being tempted by BOGOFs and loss leaders are common ways for items to go out of date before they are eaten. Spur of the moment purchases can also turn out to be unpopular with the family and get wasted. It is therefore essential to consider all offers and whether they will definitely be used in time and enjoyed by those you are feeding.

Having an over-filled and chaotic fridge can also mean that food gets hidden at the back and goes out of date. Try to organise your fridge and review its contents regularly to ensure that you eat your food before it goes to waste.

Don't throw it away - get creative with leftover food

Leftovers are often seen as a problem but actually they should be seen as a useful resource. There are many recipes online which can help in this regard, and many items can also be frozen.

Why not have a leftover night where the family cook together, looking up exciting new recipes to use up those leftover items.