Make Memories Not Waste

Find out about our Make Memories Not Waste festive campaign.

About the campaign

Last year we asked West Sussex residents to #MakeMemoriesNotWaste, and look at ways of reducing consumption over Christmas whilst still giving wonderful, thoughtful gifts.

This page features ideas from the Waste Prevention Team on how to make presents, or create experiences, as an alternative to buying new items. The campaign is based around the ‘Ethical Hierarchy of Giving’, as well as looking to reduce waste and the use of single-use plastics or unwanted – and often non-recyclable – packaging.

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2019 competition winner

The 2019 #MakeMemoriesNotWaste competition was won by Clare on Twitter who created this beautiful quilt

Clare told us the blanket is for her daughter, and is "made from all her baby clothes. Being pre-worn and washed the fabric is SO soft". You can find more of Clare's crafts on her outdoor learning site, just search for @littlegreenexp on Twitter or Instagram!

Ideas and how-to guides

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