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FAQs about using sites

FAQs about rules and the use of sites during the trial period.

Why am I limited to five visits per calendar month?

Appointment numbers are restricted to give all West Sussex residents fair access to the sites to dispose of recycling and waste that cannot be accepted in regular kerbside collections.

What if I need more visits?

If you are producing a large amount of waste at one time, for example when moving, consider hiring a skip or contacting a waste removal firm.

What happens if I visit the site without having an appointment?

From 29 March 2021, if you attend a site that is taking part in the trial without pre-booking you will be asked to leave. The sites in the trial are:

Do I still need to use and show my permit at site?

Yes. As this is a trial, the permit scheme will run alongside the booking system.

Will I still need to show ID to site staff?

Yes. To find out what forms of ID are acceptable, visit our page about proof of residency.

Last updated:
1 June 2021
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