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FAQs about special circumstances

Whether or not we allow exceptions under special circumstances.

I am clearing a house following the death of a relative and need to make multiple trips, so what can I do?

If you are producing a large amount of waste at one time, for example by clearing a house for a deceased relative, you could consider hiring a skip or contacting a waste removal firm.

You can also call our Customer Service Centre on 01243 642106 to speak to us about your extenuating circumstances. We should stress this is for unusual situations where it would be very difficult for people to make alternative arrangements.

I am renovating my house and will produce a lot of waste, so can I have access to a site more often?

No. The service is restricted in order to give fair access to as many people as possible every week. In these circumstances we recommend you hire a skip or contract a waste removal firm.

I sometimes visit the HWRS on behalf of elderly relatives who no longer drive, or neighbours without cars, so can I still do this?

Strictly speaking, carrying waste on behalf of other people requires you to have a waste carrier licence. It is therefore technically illegal to take waste to a site for someone else. While we understand that people will sometimes help out relatives, friends and neighbours, this should not be a regular activity and should therefore not require more visits than the system currently allows for.

Last updated:
16 March 2021
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