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13 February 2018

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Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conferences (MARAC)

Find out what the MARAC is and what happens in West Sussex.

A Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC) is a single meeting that:

  • enables professionals to share information to increase the safety, health and wellbeing of victims of abuse
  • determines whether the perpetrator poses a significant risk to any particular individual or to the general community
  • constructs and implements a risk management plan that provides professional support to all those at risk, to reduce the risk of harm or death
  • aims to reduce repeat victimisation
  • aims to improve agency accountability
  • aims to improve support for staff involved in high-risk domestic abuse cases.

The video below explains why MARACs were set up, how they help high risk victims of domestic abuse and the types of professionals that are expected to attend.

There are 4 MARACs in West Sussex. Senior members of each agency attend their MARAC once a month to manage the highest-risk domestic abuse cases.


MARACs have been operating effectively in West Sussex since May 2008 and have discussed in excess of 3,000 high-risk domestic abuse cases. On average around 25% of these cases are defined as repeats (discussed at MARACs within the past year). It became clear that in some critical cases there was a need for ongoing multi-agency risk management. This is done through MARAC+. 

Members meet monthly to:

  • share information and understand the risks
  • develop robust risk management plans
  • review efficacy of plans
  • review and record results.

MARAC+ members also communicate between meetings to keep plans live and responsive.

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For more information about local MARACs please contact one of the following:

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