Information relating to coronavirus is regularly changing, so we will update this section with the latest guidance as soon as we can.

Local Outbreak Control Plan

How we will respond to local outbreaks.

We have created, together with key partners, the West Sussex COVID-19 Local Outbreak Control Plan, as required by the government.

This details how local, regional and national organisations and responses will work together as a system to prevent and reduce transmission of the virus in West Sussex.

The plan is designed to help return life to as normal as possible, for as many as people as possible, in a way that is safe, protects our health and care systems, and supports our economy.

A wide range of partners and stakeholders have contributed to the development of this Local Outbreak Control Plan. This includes West Sussex district and borough councils, Healthwatch, Public Health England South East region and the NHS.

Supporting documents

Last updated:
26 May 2021
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