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COVID-19 Alert level, weekly data and Outbreak Control Plan

Our current alert level, how we will respond to local outbreaks and our weekly report on the latest number of cases and deaths in the county.

Alert levels in West Sussex

The County Council has introduced a traffic light system to keep residents informed about the current rate of confirmed cases of coronavirus in the county. The decision to change the level is made by the West Sussex COVID-19 Health Protection Board.

The current alert level in West Sussex is yellow.

There are an increasing number of confirmed cases across the county, in line with national trends. There were 104 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 as of 21 September 2020. Further details can be found in the data pack in the supporting documents.

Alert level details

  • Green - Outbreak prevention and containment
    Confirmed cases are low. Residents should keep taking preventative actions such as washing hands, social distancing, wearing face coverings where advised and limiting groups to six people to control the virus.
  • Yellow - Raised local alertness
    There is an increase. To slow the virus residents should continue to practice social distancing, wear face coverings where advised, limit contact between households and follow the ‘rule of six’. The County Council will carry out targeted communications, campaigns and social media to support people in making extra efforts to reduce their risk.
  • Amber - Raised local concern
    Confirmed cases have reached a level of concern. We will make recommendations about reducing the risk of transmission and highlight groups and settings that are particularly affected so people can make extra efforts to reduce their risk.
  • Red - National oversight
    Confirmed cases are at a very high level. There will be increased levels of involvement and support from national and regional government and other bodies. If the numbers increase to certain levels there is the possibility of introducing restrictions and lockdowns in areas of the county.

Local Outbreak Control Plan

West Sussex County Council (WSCC) has produced a COVID-19 Local Outbreak Control Plan, as required by the Government. This details how local, regional and national organisations and responses will work together as a system to prevent cases of the virus, where possible, in West Sussex and respond to any local outbreaks.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) was declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in March 2020 after sustained global transmission.

WSCC, like all upper-tier local authorities, was asked to produce a first version of a local outbreak control plan by the end of June 2020. The plan will evolve over time.

The plan covers:

  • managing outbreaks in West Sussex care homes and schools
  • identifying and managing high risk places, locations and communities
  • local testing capacity - Testing in Sussex
  • contact tracing in complex settings
  • data integration
  • supporting vulnerable people
  • governance.

Planning to prevent and respond to cases of COVID-19 in our communities requires a whole system and multi-agency approach, including the Government’s national Test and Trace Programme.

A wide range of stakeholders have contributed and commented on this West Sussex COVID-19 Local Outbreak Control Plan and will continue to shape its development. This includes district and borough councils across the county, Healthwatch West Sussex, Public Health England South East region and the NHS.

More information on operational delivery elements will be added to the plan as further guidance is produced nationally and as the national Joint Biosecurity Centre becomes fully operational.

West Sussex Public Health will publish weekly information packs relating to COVID-19 in West Sussex each Tuesday. These packs are available in the supporting documents below.

Supporting documents

Last updated:
23 September 2020
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