Information relating to coronavirus is regularly changing, so we will update this section with the latest guidance as soon as we can.

Business and employers

Where to find business support and advice.

Business West Sussex

Our Business West Sussex website provides COVID-19-related:

  • business support and advice
  • information about grants and funding
  • workplace guidance.
COVID-19 business advice (Business West Sussex) (external link)

Covid-19 Response - Spring 2021 (Roadmap)

The Government has set out a roadmap for the easing of current lockdown restrictions in England. The document sets out four steps for the lifting of restrictions and each step will be assessed by Government before restrictions can ease.

Visit GOV.UK for more information and to view the roadmap out of lockdown in full.

Asymptomatic COVID-19 testing for businesses

Businesses in West Sussex with more than 50 employees could now benefit from asymptomatic COVID-19 testing.

GOV.UK advice for businesses

See GOV.UK for further advice and support, including:

Test and Trace

It is a legal requirement for certain businesses to collect NHS Test and Trace data. We encourage all businesses and organisations with a physical location open to the public to create official NHS QR code posters to display at their venue entrances. This will help support contact tracing.

NHS COVID-19 app users can scan the poster as they enter a venue. This means that if people visit your venue and later test positive for Coronavirus, other app users who were there at the same time may be sent an alert, if local public health teams think this is necessary.

  • You should create and display a QR code if you are a business or community organisation with a physical location that is open to the public.
  • If you have more than one venue, you need to create a separate QR code for each location.
  • The app notification will not mention the name of your venue; it will just let app users know that they may have come into contact with Coronavirus and provide them with public health advice.

See GOV.UK to find out how to create your NHS QR code poster.

Keeping records

To support NHS Test and Trace, GOV.UK also offers guidance on maintaining records of staff, customers and visitors.

The following templates will ensure you keep accurate contact detail records to support contact tracing if it becomes necessary.

Last updated:
16 April 2021
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