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24 October 2017

Leaving care: Housing

Your housing options when you leave care.

Once you are 18 you may want a place of your own but feel worried about where you will live. Your personal adviser can help you decide the type of accommodation that suits you best and will do what they can to help you find it.

Foster care

If you are living in foster care you may want to stay on with your foster carers, as long as everyone is happy with this. If you are over 18 and have left education you may have to pay for your rent and food.

If you are in full time education, you can stay on in your foster home after your 18th birthday and up until you start college or university, if this is what you want.

Going back to live with your family

You may decide that you want to go back to living with your mum, dad or another family member. If so, your personal adviser will offer the advice and support to make the change. 

Supported lodgings

Supported lodgings are when you are living with someone else, as a lodger. The person providing the room will always be assessed so that the accommodation is suitable. The advantage is that you will have your own space, and support will always be on hand. It's a good first step to living fully independently. 

Supported accommodation

Supported accommodation is where you live with other people, such as in a shared flat with another person or sharing a large house. You will have your own room and share a kitchen and bathroom. There will normally be staff on hand to support you and it is a good way to develop your skills before living independently.

Independent accommodation 

These can include lodgings, bedsits and flats where you live independently, with no live-in support. This type of accommodation can be rented from private landlords, housing associations or the council. When living independently you are responsible for paying the rent and bills and looking after yourself. 

Other options

There are other housing options - speak to your personal adviser to find out more. 

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