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Low mood and depression

Advice on coping with depression.

More than one in five people in the UK will suffer from depression at some point in their lives. We all feel sad or low at times, but depression is when these feelings last longer and interfere with how we cope in everyday life.

Depression can result from many things, including problems with friends or family, a bereavement or a break up in a relationship. 

Some of the signs that you may be depressed include feeling sad or down, hopeless, anxious, that you can't cope or are struggling to get motivated. 

How you can help yourself

There are things you can do yourself to help manage your depression. 

  • If you are struggling, talk to a friend or a family member. 
  • Spend time relaxing, doing activities that you enjoy.
  • Stay active by going for a walk or doing some exercise is a great way to make you feel better. 

If these don't work always go and seek professional advice from your GP or a mental health professional. Treatment for depression can involve therapy, counselling or medication. 

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Last updated:
11 July 2018

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