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Anxiety and stress

Find help and advice if you are feeling anxious or stressed.

Everyone gets stressed and anxious sometimes and that's ok. We stress about things such as exams, job interviews and relationships with friends, families and carers. Sometimes stress can be positive, it can motivate us to study for exams or to try harder at something. 

However, there are signs that you may not be coping with stress or anxiety. These can include feeling worried a lot of the time, difficulty sleeping, irritability and feeling on edge or nervous.   

If you are stressed or anxious try:

  • talking to friends or family
  • exercise (it releases endorphins which help make you feel good)
  • relaxation techniques
  • talking positively to yourself by countering every negative thought with a positive one. 

If you are still struggling and think you need professional help see your GP who will be able to help. 

Panic attacks

Short, intense bursts of extreme anxiety or stress are known as panic attacks. As well as feeling fearful and anxious you may also suffer symptoms such as feeling sick, sweating and trembling. Panic attacks can be frightening and intense but are not dangerous. 

If you are suffering from panic attacks see your GP who will be able to give you advice on how to manage them. 

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Last updated:
18 April 2018

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