Request an Education Health and Care Needs Assessment

How to submit a request for an EHCNA (professionals only).

1 Before requesting an assessment

From 1 November 2021 a new form and process for making an EHCNA request is in place. You can view all the relevant information on Local Offer.

To support the transition to this new process the online form referenced below will remain available until the end of December 2021. This is to enable any setting who has begun to prepare an application using the online form to complete the process.

From January 2022 the new form linked above will be the only way to submit a professional request and the form linked below will no longer be available.

Professionals can now submit a request for an Education, Health and Care Needs Assessment (EHCNA) online. 

Please read the guidance and criteria for requests for an EHCNA before starting your request.

Education Health and Care Needs Assessment checklist (external link)

2 Documents to complete before starting an assessment

Before starting the online form you will need to complete a number of supporting documents. 

To be completed for all requests

  • Evidence of current pupil attainment and progress over time - To be provided for all pupils in your own format.
  • Supporting evidence - 7 (Word, 17KB) - This informs parents/carers of important information regarding the use of the information provided in this Education Health and Care Needs Assessment (EHCNA) request. It will need uploading at the end of the form in the 'Parent Declaration' section.
  • Medical questionnaire – This requires completion by the parent/carer and should be returned to you to upload as part of the request.

Additional documents that may be required

Further supporting evidence

In addition to the documents above, you will need to upload further supporting evidence. There are example templates within the guidance document on Local Offer, or you may have your own templates. Please ensure these are ready to upload before you start. 

You will need:

  • evidence of the pupil’s current attainment and progress they have made
  • a one-page profile
  • pupil views (see 'Pupil Contribution' forms on the Local Offer website)
  • information that provides parent/carers' views, wishes and feelings
  • information showing how you and the child's/young person’s parents have worked together
  • outcomes for the young person for both this academic year and over the next two to three years
  • attendance certificate
  • two reviewed ILPs (Individual Learning Plans) and one current ILP
  • examples of the pupil’s work
  • an individual costed provision map
  • any other relevant evidence/reports (Social Communication Team, Early Help).

If you are a setting making a request you will need to upload supporting evidence 7 form and ensure you have adhered to the requirements within the form. This ensures that parents/carers or the young person themselves (if 16 or over) understand how the information provided in this Education Health and Care Needs Assessment (EHCNA) request will be used.

It is also expected that you will have discussed the supporting documents with parents, or the young person, prior to submitting them. Good practice dictates a joined up approach to a request of this type.

3 Request an assessment

Ensure you have all your supporting evidence ready to upload as there is no option to save part way through the application. It is advised you scan through the form beforehand to check what you need to upload.

Before you submit your form, check all mandatory fields have been completed. If you submit without doing so any uploaded attachments will be lost and have to be upload again.

Request an Education Health and Care Needs Assessment

4 If you need help

If you need practical help completing the form contact your area team in SENAT (Special Educational Needs Assessment Team):

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1 November 2021
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