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Foster care allowances

Details of the financial support available for recruited generic (not family and friend) foster carers in West Sussex.

There are two elements of payment that a foster carer receives:

  • All Inclusive Allowance (child maintenance allowance)
  • Skills Fee.

The All Inclusive Allowance varies according to the age of the child (or children) you are looking after. The Skills Fee increases with your level of training and experience.

As you would with your own household budget, you will be expected to manage your fostering allowance to cover the costs involved with supporting a child.

The table below gives you the total payment rates for a foster carer with one child (the Skills Fee and All Inclusive Allowance combined).

These payments increase with the number of children in placement. Further details are provided in the document below.

All-Inclusive Allowance and Skills Fee (combined)

Foster care weekly rates per child effective 1 April 2021

Foster care weekly rates: Age of child and skills levels 1 through 3.
Age of child Skills Level 1 Skills Level 2 Skills Level 3
0-4 £254.59 £289.45 £408.17
5-10 £284.97 £319.83 £438.55
11-15 £311.85 £346.71 £465.43
16-18 £357.14 £392.00 £510.72

Parent and Child Allowance

Parent and child foster carers receive a weekly rate of £1,090.95 per placement.

This enhanced rate reflects the complexity, time, commitment and demands of this type of placement.

Find out what it's like to be a West Sussex foster carer or you can contact us online or by phoning us on 033 022 27775 with your fostering enquiry.

Last updated:
30 June 2022
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