Winter fire safety

Tis the season to take extra care when driving, in your homes and businesses.


‘Tis the most wonderful time of the year, so make sure it stays that way. We’ve got a number of safety tips to keep you and your loved ones safe during the colder, darker, busier months.

Winter safety advice

Driving safety

Driving safety

Weather can be unpredictable and turn quickly, making the roads more dangerous. It’s important to remember that stopping distances can double in the wet and even more so in ice and snow.

What can you do to be more prepared?

  • Ensure your vehicle is well-maintained
  • Check your tyres and tread depth (keep it at least 3mm to be safe in the wet)
  • Keep something in the car to deice
  • Pack a winter driving kit (this could include: a torch; cloths; blanket; water; first aid kit; warning triangle; and a high visibility vest.)
  • Always take a well-charged phone in case of emergencies. Do not be tempted to use it when driving

Driving under the influence:

In 2017/18 we attended 43 road traffic collisions where the driver was under the influence of drink.

If caught driving under the influence, you could face:

  • A minimum of 12 month driving ban
  • Unlimited fine
  • A criminal record
  • The possibility of killing someone

Find out how driving under the influence affected these people:

Home safety

Home safety

Homes are much busier this time of year, but take some time to remember your neighbours or any elderly members of the community who perhaps don’t have as many visitors.

We offer Safe & Well visits for people over the age of 65. Find out more and request a visit here by visiting our Safe & Well Visit page.

We have put together some home fire safety tips for the festive period, please use them and share with those around you.

WSFRS Christmas safety

Chimney fire safety:

Keep chimneys and flues cleaned and well maintained. Embers should be properly put out before going to bed. Use a fireguard to protect your home and possessions safe from flying sparks.

How often should I clean my chimney?

Once a year for gas and oil, at least once a year for smokeless coals, twice a year for bituminous coal and up to four times a year for wood chimneys.

Business safety

Flood prevention

Flood prevention

We often visit a number of flood-related calls. These can vary in size and risk. Floods can happen quickly, so don't want until it's too late.

West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service may not always be able to help in the event of a flood.

For up to date flood watch information, please visit the Environment Agency website.

Don't drive through standing water, situations like this could pose more hazards that you cannot see.

We advise residents to prepare a list of useful phone numbers if you know your home is at risk of flooding. If your home or business does start to flood, turn off your electricity supply.

Dial 999 if there is a threat to someone's life.


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