West Sussex Gigabit

Getting our public services ready for the future


What is West Sussex Gigabit?

What is West Sussex Gigabit?

It’s an exciting time in West Sussex where we want our public services to be better connected with each other and our residents. Our ambition for our county is the highest quality of life in a safe, smart, digital environment.

Our ambition is big and so is our vision for delivering public services. We are delighted to have been chosen by Government to trial a new approach to building full fibre broadband infrastructure.

The County Council and District and Borough Councils are joining together to build ultrafast broadband and connect to each other digitally, and ensure we meet the future need of public services.

‘West Sussex Gigabit’ is seeking a supplier to build full fibre broadband infrastructure that delivers speeds from 1,000 megabits per second (1 Gigabit) – a 3,000 per cent increase on the current national average speed of 30mbps.

We aim to help grow the fibre infrastructure of the county’s future and ensure that West Sussex is at the forefront of this exciting technology.




Why do we need gigabit speeds?

The government wants to increase the amount of full fibre infrastructure covering the UK. Currently only around 2% of premises in the UK have access to the fastest speeds which travel all the way into buildings over full fibre infrastructure. Public services are evolving and in the future will be delivered in new and digital ways. This will require faster download and upload speeds and greater bandwidth. By investing now we are getting our buildings and our services ready for the future.

What will West Sussex Gigabit do?

The project is future proofing our public sector estate with full fibre infrastructure ready to meet anticipated public service needs. It will build in eight key urban locations at buildings owned by councils. We hope that other public services such as schools, NHS buildings and emergency services will also benefit by choosing to invest in and grow the full fibre infrastructure.

I have slow or no fibre broadband and I need it. What will this do for me?

West Sussex Gigabit will not build broadband infrastructure into homes or businesses, but into public sector buildings making it possible for future services to be delivered faster and more efficiently.

‘Superfast’ fibre broadband speeds of more than 30mbps are currently available in more than 95% of the county. The County Council is working with BT/Openreach and central government to deliver a £30 million programme of investment in publicly-funded broadband infrastructure. Find out more at http://www.westsussex-betterconnected.org.uk/

When will the new services be ready?

We are currently carrying out procurement with the aim of awarding a contract to a supplier in spring 2018. We expect that new services will start to become available in 2019, but it may be sooner.

I am a supplier, where can I find out more information?

Visit the procurement portal and search 'WSCC Tenders'.

I have a question, who can I ask?

Email westsussexgigabit@westsussex.gov.uk

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