The 2019/20 budget

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The latest information...

The latest information...

Balanced budget approved for 2019/2020

On Friday 15 February West Sussex County Council approved a net expenditure of £575.5 million to deliver key services for all the communities of West Sussex.

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Budget highlights

The budget includes significant investments to support the delivery of the five key priority areas of the West Sussex Plan:

  • £6.1 million additional new investment in Children and Young People’s services.
  • £7.3 million investment in Adults and Health.
  • Additional investment in Special Support Centres to help to keep students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) in mainstream schools with their peers and in their local area.
  • £3 million additional investment in extra care schemes to help keep older people living independently for longer.
  • £44.5 million investment in a sustainable energy programme which includes the installation of solar farms and battery storage on unused council land.
  • £5 million programme to create community hubs and protect key services by bringing them together under one roof.
  • £13.8 million investment in corporate and fire fleet vehicles and £1.8 million in specialist fire equipment to support our Fire and Rescue Service.
  • £22.5 million investment in digital infrastructure supporting businesses and rural communities.

We will provide further information of investments by service area on this page in the future. 

Your council tax will increase by 4.99%

Since 2010, the council has saved more than £200m and in the same period, government funding has been cut by £145m. The county council faced a challenging financial gap of £45.4m for 2019/20 alone, due to increasing demand on social care services and a continued reduction in central government funding. As a result, it identified £23.4m of savings across a number of services.

The remaining amount has been found through a council tax increase of 4.99% which includes a dedicated 2% to fund adult social care. This increase means an additional £1.27 per week for the average Band D household. 

Your 2019/2020 council tax leaflet will be available to view within our 'How your council tax is spent' section in March.  

Exploring new ways to boost our income

As well as finding ways to reduce what we spend, we are also exploring new ways to boost our income and do more with the money we have such as developing solar farms and creating community hubs to protect vital community services. Some examples can be seen on our information about West Sussex renewable energy projects and the proposed Community Hubs. 

Further information 

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