Shut Fires Out!

Help us respond to a shout and Shut Fires Out!

Did you know by closing your internal doors before you got to bed or leave the house you can prevent the spread of a fire and the toxic fumes by up to 20 minutes?

Watch our animation to find out more:

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That's right. You could save priceless possessions, your home, pets and maybe even a loved ones life by closing your doors. It'll also give you the time to reach a place of safety to give us a call.

Are you worried a vulnerable person isn’t fire safe? Refer them, or yourself, for free Safe and Well advice:

Safe and Well Visit (West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service)

Even during lockdown we can do this via Skype, telephone call or by handing out our handy booklet. Where appropriate they’ll fit smoke alarms or other specialist fire detection equipment free of charge.

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