How will the UK leaving the EU affect me?


Preparing to exit the EU

West Sussex County Council has been working with a number of suppliers, partners, businesses and other local authorities to ensure that we are making the necessary preparations for the UK’s exit from the EU, despite the uncertainty around the eventual outcome and timescales.

We recommend that West Sussex residents and businesses undertake suitable steps themselves to prepare for the future.

Find the latest information

Where to find the very latest information

West Sussex businesses and individuals will find comprehensive information on the government’s official EU Exit website.

The government’s website is being constantly updated and includes valuable information for EU citizens living in the UK and UK citizens living in the EU.

Sign-up for EU Exit updates by email

Where to sign-up for EU Exit updates by email

Please follow these links to subscribe to receive the latest EU Exit email updates and EU Exit research reports.

More information

Having visited the above websites, if you still have any questions regarding the impact of the EU Exit on you as a resident of West Sussex or a local business owner, please contact us.

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