Household Waste Recycling Site booking system trial

What are we doing?

We will be trialling a booking system for selected Household Waste Recycling Sites (HWRS) in West Sussex.

Why are we doing it?

In response to severe queues experienced at some sites since opening with social distancing in place, we will be trialling a booking system for selected HWRS in West Sussex.

This is a measure that a number of other councils have successfully introduced and is designed to provide fair access to as many residents as possible in any given week, in a way that is safe for staff and customers and minimises disruption to the local highway, residents and businesses.

How will it help?

The appointment system will:

  • ensure demand is spread evenly throughout the week
  • relieve congestion on local roads
  • relieve impact on businesses and residents near our sites
  • reduce queuing time for customers
  • ensure that social distancing guidelines can be adhered to.

Where are we doing it?

During the trial period you will need to have an appointment to visit the following sites:

About the system

The new system will allow five visits per household per calendar month and appointments will be available up to 14 days in advance.

You can book an appointment through our booking system trial page.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

More information

We will release further information via our social media channels.

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