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Advice for older people

Advice for older people

Tea and Tips are being served up at some of West Sussex’s fire stations this summer in a bid to help reduce house fires.

Firefighters are inviting residents aged 65 years and older to join them for the Tea and Tips sessions.

In 2018/19 WSFRS attended almost 150 house fires involving people over 65 years old.

Dates and local stations taking part are:

  • Haywards Heath Fire Station will be at Kleinwort Centre from 10am-12pm on Thursday 12 September
  • Littlehampton Fire Station are hosting at the station from 10am-2pm on Thursday 12 September
  • East Preston Fire Station will be at East Preston Village Green from 10.30am-1.30pm on Friday 20 September
  • Chichester Fire Station are hosting at the station from 3-5pm on Saturday 28 September
  • Selsey Fire Station are hosting at the station from 10am-12pm on Monday 30 September
  • Chichester Fire Station will be at Chichester Library from 10am-2pm on Monday 14 October for Dementia Awareness Day in association with WSCC Library Service and Alzheimer’s Society.

Come along to book a free Safe and Well Visit or contact Jean on jean.moore@westsussex.gov.uk or 0345 8729 719 to refer someone.


Recipe for disaster

Recipe for disaster

During 2018 we attended 449 house fires, 60% of which originated in the kitchen.

The main reasons being distraction, fault in equipment or appliance and negligent use of equipment or appliance.

Please check your appliances for faulty wiring, cabling and plugs and do not leave cooking unattended.

Kitchen fire safety leaflet

Don't let fire take charge

Don't let fire take charge

In 2017/18 we attended 496 electrical fires. Well over half of which were caused by faulty wiring, cookers/ovens and other cooking appliances.

It’s important to remember that electrical fires aren’t just confined to kitchens. Other electrical devices in the home such as iPads, mobile phones, E-Cigarettes and hair straighteners are also causing a lot of fires.

We carry out free Safe and Well visits for residents over the age of 65. All visits are tailored to the needs of the household; you could be given advice, specialist fire detection equipment and more. For more information visit our Safe and Well page.

Electrical fire safety leaflet
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