Fire risk assessment

Protect your business premises from fire.


What is fire risk assessment?

What is fire risk assessment?

During 2015-16 there were 15,984 reported fires within businesses and educational establishments in England. Sadly, these resulted in 21 deaths.

A fire can destroy or seriously damage your business and in many cases cause it to permanently close.

Fire safety legislation is there to make sure you comply with the law. As part of this, you have a duty to carry out a 'fire risk assessment' to see that people in and around your business are kept safe.

Our role

Our role

West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service is keen to reduce the number of fires and injuries within the local business community.

Our dedicated team of experienced and knowledgeable fire safety inspecting officers will:

  • work with you in accordance with the Regulators' Code
  • provide advice and guidance in a clear and open manner
  • make sure you comply with fire safety legislation to reduce the risk of fire and its consequences 
  • carry out fire safety audits to make sure standards are maintained and to reduce the risk of injury or death to people who frequent your premises
  • collect risk information to inform firefighters should a fire occur
  • take enforcement action if you fail to respond or place people at serious risk of death or injury.

What we have a duty to do

What we have a duty to do

West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service will happily provide advice if you’re not sure if you have carried out your risk assessment properly. However, we can’t carry out a risk assessment for you.

We enforce general fire safety legislation on behalf of West Sussex Fire Authority in West Sussex. We do this through a fire safety audit. This is a fire safety examination of the premises and any relevant documents to identify how the premises are being managed. 

During the fire safety audit we will ask you to demonstrate that you have met your duties under the Fire Safety Order (FSO). So we are likely to ask you to provide a suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment and any follow-up plans.

Our fire safety officers can help you understand the rules and comply with them. We will also issue fire safety notices telling you about changes you need to make.

Find out more

Take a look at our Fire risk assessment page for businesses for more information. It includes:

  • useful guidance, including government guidance for particular types of premises
  • templates to use
  • information about joining the Institution of Fire Risk Assessors' Register.

It forms part of our Premises fire safety section where you can find a wealth of information about areas such as legislation, licensing and the fire safety audit.


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