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Community hubs will provide a range of services for residents under one roof. Our aim is for them to be a central point in the community and providing services for all; young and old.



We recognise that communities have an invaluable role to play in shaping services. As each community hub is considered, we will work closely with those communities to create a community hub that meets their needs.

Local authorities across the country are facing unprecedented financial challenges. As a result many have taken the difficult decision to close local services like libraries. We don’t want to do that – our solution is to move services under one roof locally which will help achieve financial savings by reducing costs associated with running more than one building. But of course the benefit is that all services remain at the heart of the community and with the added bonus of being under one roof.

Nationally, this approach isn’t new. Many Councils are seeing the benefits of providing a number of services under one roof. Medway Council in Kent have a network of ‘Community Hubs’ that has seen booking lending and visitors number increase against a decrease nationally. Middlesbrough Council see a wide range of activities in their hubs. In addition to core library services, they use space for social clubs, arts and sports activities, bringing a range of community groups together.

There are a number of examples across the county where services have moved into one building. East Grinstead Library hosts the children and family centre and the town council, and offers access to other services. Findon Library now houses both library and children and family centre services. In Midhurst our library and registration office are housed within the local leisure centre, offering extended opening hours and positioning our library and digital support services alongside sport, wellbeing and wider cultural activities.



The main services in scope for community hubs are services run out of children and family centres, and library services. Other services in public health and adults’, youth and registration services will also be considered where opportunities arise.

Worthing Community Hub is the most advanced project - read more under the ‘Worthing Community Hub’ section. At present nine other locations are being assessed for their viability. Keep checking here for updates as that work progresses.

Other locations are currently being explored - we’ll update this page as things progress.

Worthing Community Hub



Worthing Community Hub will house children and family services, registration services and library services. It will be based in the current library building in Richmond Road.

A big driver in the community hubs initiative is to involve the local community in their development. Thanks to a public consultation last year and further consultation over the summer, the design plans are now being finalised and a contractor will be appointed later this year to convert the library building into a community hub.

The opening date of Worthing Community Hub has been moved from summer 2020 to autumn 2020.

This is due to further surveys and investigation work being completed on the current library.

Until these have been finalised, West Sussex County Council is unable to issue the main tender for the works to transform the library into the new community hub.

Worthing Library is now planning to close in spring 2020 and a temporary library will open at 37 Richmond Road, which is opposite the main library across the pedestrian crossing.

The work on 37 Richmond Road is progressing well and will be ready to open when the current library closes for works to begin.

Have a look at the images below showing how the internal layout of the new community hub could look. 

We’ll keep this page updated as the project progresses.

Worthing Gallery

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