Find out more about Climate Change in West Sussex

West Sussex Climate Action

Climate change is a challenge we are all facing and something which we consider in every element of Our Council Plan.

To help explain what climate change is, how it might affect us all, and what we can all do about it, visit the West Sussex Climate Action section on our website. The pages feature information and suggested actions we can all take, for example, being more energy efficient, reducing our food waste, using less water, or choosing to walk, cycle or use public transport.

The pages also detail how we are working towards meeting our ambitious target to be a carbon neutral and resilient organisation by 2030.

NEW - You can also find out more about the current improvements we're making to our buildings here.

Visit our Resident & Community Climate Action Hub and Community Climate Action Map. It's a website where you can share ideas and discuss environment and climate change topics with other residents and communities. Here you can add your suggestions to our Ideas Bank, or dive into the latest Discussion Forum topic.

We need your help to build a map of all the activities taking place across West Sussex to address climate change. Hover over the community map pins to find out more about one of the many existing efforts, or drop a new map pin and add details of what you've been up to.

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