Private Fostering Week runs from Monday 9 July

Are you looking after someone else's child?

Private Fostering Week aims to raise awareness of the advice available to families who may be privately fostering as well as the legal duties that form part of it.


If you’re looking after someone else’s child in what’s known as a private fostering arrangement, your local authority should be notified so they can make sure the child involved is safe and happy.

Help and support is available through your local authority to support everyone involved.

It’s Private Fostering Week from Monday 9 July to Sunday 15 July – so if you are aware of a private fostering arrangement or you work in a setting with children, please visit our ‘resources’ tab for a downloadable poster and information leaflet.

Further Information

What is Private Fostering?

What is Private Fostering?

Private fostering is when a child or young person under 16 years old (or 18 if they are registered disabled), is cared for and provided accommodation for 28 days or more by someone who is not a close relative. Close relatives include parents, step-parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents.

Private fostering is very different from the care of children provided by local councils through approved foster carers.

There are a number of situations where private fostering occurs, or is required. Reasons for private fostering include:

  • younger children placed with friends of the family on a long-term basis following family breakdown or parent’s ill health;
  • children whose parents work unsociable hours making it difficult for them to use day care;
  • overseas students who are living with a carer or ‘host family’ for over 28 days;
  • children in boarding schools who live with another family during school holidays; and
  • a teenager living with friends or in the home of a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Contact Us

Contact Us

All councils are legally required to make sure children who are privately fostered are being cared for by a suitable carer in an appropriate environment.

This is important as we want to make sure the child is safe and well cared for.

Please let us know if somebody else is looking after your child, or if you are looking after someone else’s child.

You can contact us by telephone on 01403 229900.

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