1001 Critical Days

The Importance of Conception to Age Two




The 1001 Critical Days Manifesto for West Sussex is a promise to all infants and parents in the county, a commitment to ensure all babies have the best possible start in life.

It promises to put families at the heart of all practices and is unanimously supported by councillors and early year’s services across the county.

The Manifesto, launched in March 2017, highlights the importance of the first 1001 days from when a baby is conceived until age two. This period of life is crucial to increase a child’s life chances.

Special thanks to the national 1001 Critical Days Manifesto, which you can find details of at www.1001criticaldays.co.uk.

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Manifesto & Pledge

Action plan

Action plan

The manifesto will only work if it is supported by activities that make a difference. That is why over the coming year, we will be publishing a summary of all the activities that are taking place, and all the organisations that have pledged their support.

We will provide updates about what is happening in West Sussex so we know it’s making a difference.

  • Launch – Thursday 2 March 2017

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