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24 January 2018

Supporting families in your childcare setting

Resources to assist where a family have been identified as requiring extra support or help.

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Vulnerable children and learners

Data suggests there is a particular group of vulnerable children in West Sussex who perform significantly less well than their peers at the end of the Early Years Foundation Stage compared to national standards.

Our vision is to support all our vulnerable children and learners in reaching their full potential by identifying their needs as early as possible, and tracking their progress from pre-birth to transition into settings and then to school.

We will work with settings to identify strategies to support vulnerable learners and will work with families to improve parenting, behaviour management and home learning.

Guidance for practitioners

Readiness for school indicator

Vulnerable learners audit

  • Vulnerable learners audit tool (Word, 58KB) - Audit tool for Early Years settings and schools to record identified vulnerability and track progress and actions. Refer to the associated guidance above when completing audits.

Early help plans

The sooner a family receives the right support, the sooner they are able to improve their situation, preventing the need for prolonged support.

Early help includes support for parents-to-be and very young children. It describes interventions and support provided to families where:

  • their needs are not being met by routine or 'universal' services
  • they do not meet thresholds for statutory interventions.

For support and advice for practitioners see our Integrated Prevention and Earliest Help (IPEH) services page.

Supporting families who have children with SEND

If you require information regarding transition planning see Including all children.

Partnership with parents

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