Childcare business toolkit

Business tools and resources for Early Years and childcare providers, including those who offer free entitlement funding.

This toolkit can be used by all childcare providers in West Sussex to help develop their business models and consider partnership working with other settings.

It uses practical experience from the Early Years Innovators (a group of providers from across the sector and county) and research from other local authorities and external agencies.

It is intended as a guide only and professional legal advice should be sought, where appropriate.

If you require further business support from us after using this toolkit, submit a Targeted Setting Support (TSS) request.

Business guidance

Human resources (HR) support

Legal structures

The following fact sheets are free to view online for West Sussex library card holders, or by visiting your local library:

Raising finance

The following fact sheets are free to view online for West Sussex library card holders or by visiting your local library:

Partnership working

The Department for Education's 30 hour mixed model partnership toolkit can help you set up or join a partnership, maximise the benefits of working together and tackle the challenges joint working can bring.

The toolkit includes the following relevant fact sheets:

  • Relationship management - How to develop good relationships between traditional competitors
  • Partnership preparation checklist - Practical tool for starting partnership working
  • Identifying common ground and differences - A helpful guide to finding similarities between different providers while maintaining your unique selling point
  • Conflict management strategies - How to resolve difficult or conflicting situations

Tax-Free Childcare

Tax-Free Childcare is available to around 2 million households to help with the cost of childcare, enabling more parents to go out to work and provide greater security for their families.

Providers can use the  Childcare Choices Partner toolkit for resources to help communicate details of this scheme to parents'

Last updated:
25 November 2019
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