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  • We are unable to advertise vacancies with missing information so please ensure you complete the form fully, providing as much information as possible. Mandatory questions are marked with an asterisk (*).
  • Once we have received your form we will create your advert and ask you to check that all the details are correct before publishing it in the following week's bulletin.
  • Bulletins are published every Monday.
  • Deadline for submitting vacancies to us is every Thursday at 11.00am.

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Enter the title of the vacancy or post you are recruiting for.

Childcare provider name and address

Enter the name of the childcare provider and the address of where the job is based.

Enter the childcare setting provider who is advertising the role.
Enter the first line of the address. This could be the street name.
Enter the second line of the address if you need to. This could be the village name.
Enter the town or city of the address.
Enter the postcode, with or without spaces.

Qualifications required

Enter details of the qualification required.
Select whether the above qualification is essential or desirable.

Skills or experience required

Enter details of a specific skill or type of experience required.
Select whether the above skill or experience is essential or desirable.

Vacancy information

Provide the following information which will form the basis of your advert:

  • A description of the post (duties, hours etc).
  • How applicants can apply for the application form, person specification and job description.
  • A description of your setting (for example busy, friendly, village pre-school etc).

Note: There is a 2500 character limit (including spaces). Exceeding this will delay the publication of your advert.

Enter information about the vacancy using the guidance above. Ensure you keep to the character limit of 2500 (including spaces).
Provide a clear statement about your setting's commitment to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children. For example, "This organisation is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment".
Enter the closing date for applications. Your advert will be removed automatically when closed.
Enter salary or wage information for the vacancy. Check that the salary or wage meets the National Minimum Wage (opens in new window).
Select all the employment types that apply to this vacancy.

Contact details for applicants

Provide contact details for applicants to ask questions. These details will appear on the advert.

Enter vacancy contact's first name.
Enter vacancy contact's last name.
Enter vacancy contact's phone number.
Enter vacancy contact's email address.

Your contact details

Provide your contact details in case we require more information from you. These details will not appear on the advert. If we are unable to contact you in the case of a query we will not be able to advertise your vacancy.

Enter your first name.
Enter your last name.
Enter your phone number.
Enter your email address.

Terms, data protection and confirmation

West Sussex County Council will display your vacancy on the understanding that it is your responsibility as the employer to carry out all necessary checks for workers who will have regular access to vulnerable groups. It is your responsibility to obtain an Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service check before a new employee commences employment.

Data protection

West Sussex County Council (WSCC) is a Data Controller for the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998. This act regulates how we obtain and use information about individuals. The information you supply is being collected for the purposes of profiling the workforce in West Sussex but may be used for wider purpose(s) of the Early Childhood Service (ECS). The ECS may forward your details to: members of the ECS, DfE, other government departments or agencies, for example, Ofsted, internal council directorates, health care, other LEAs, courts, tribunals, related professional bodies and the standing select list of training providers. The information will be held until you update it or you inform us that you no longer work in the sector. When you submit this form you are providing your consent to WSCC to hold your personal information for these purposes.

Select the box below to confirm your consent.
Enter your full name. By entering your name and submitting this form you are agreeing with the above.

To send your form to us press the 'Submit' button once.

After a few moments you will see our 'Thank you' page. If you do not see the 'Thank you' page we will not have received your form.

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