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Booking a ceremony or registrar

  • When can I book my ceremony?

This information can be found on the book a registrar page.

  • Can I reserve a date?

Details are on the book a registrar page.

  • How much does the ceremony cost?

Ceremony costs are available on the ceremony fees page.

  • What happens if we need to cancel our ceremony?

This information is available on our ceremony fees page.

  • Can we just turn up to book a ceremony and do the paperwork?

No. You must have an appointment to do the paperwork (give notice) to ensure that a registrar is available to see you and that you have all the relevant documents with you. Guidance on booking and paying for your ceremony is available on the ceremony fees page.

Giving notice

  • When can I give notice?

This information can be found on the request a notice appointment page.

  • What do I need to bring to my notice appointment?

Details of the required paperwork are on the documents to take when giving notice page.

  • How much does it cost to give notice?

The charges to give notice are available in the fees section.

  • How can I book a notice appointment?

See our request a notice appointment page.

  • Can I bring a translator to the appointment?

This information is available on the legal requirements page.

  • I live in West Sussex - do I have to have my notice appointment in West Sussex?

Details regarding where you must give notice are available in the giving notice overview.

  • What are the opening hours and is there parking available?

There are a number of registration offices that offer notice appointments. Details regarding the facilities of each office are available through the links for the office.

  • Where can I get my decree absolute?

You will need to contact the court where the decree absolute was issued. Further information can be found on GOV.UK.

Personalising your ceremony

  • Where can I get married in West Sussex?

Details are available through our where to hold the ceremony page.

  • Are there any other places we can hold our ceremony?

See our bespoke ceremonies page.

  • Can we have a ceremony outside?

Some venues have licensed structures in their grounds, where the ceremony takes place in the structure and guests usually sit outside.

Since 1 July 2021 legislation also permits licensed venues to designate an outdoor area suitable for ceremonies which must be approved by the registration service and meet certain criteria. Not all venues have this option.

Please check with your venue whether they have these options.

  • How many guests can we invite?

If your ceremony is taking place at a County Council room check on the relevant room's page on our website. For all other locations you will need to check with your venue directly.

  • Who can witness our ceremony?

See our legal requirements page.

Last updated:
20 May 2022
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