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  Title Author Description Price
ARRL'S HF Digital Handbook Ford, Steve American radio Relay League. 2007-2008. PBK. 0872591034. As new. No library stamps. Contains many illustrations. 7.00
Anatomy of Flowering Plants:An Introduction to Structure and Development Rudall, Paula C.U.P. 2007. PBK. 9780521692458. Third edition. Contains many illustrations. 8.00
Aquatic Birds of Great Britain and Ireland Patton, Charles. J R. H. Porter. 1906. HBK. Slight internal binding damage. Uncut page edges. Some foxing. Contains many illustrations. 6.00
Art and Science of Visual Illusions Wade, Nicholas Routledge. 1982. HBK. 0710008686. Contains many illustrations. Re-bound. 8.50
Art of Edward Wesson Ranson, Ron David & Charles. 2004. PBK. 0715317008. Contains many examples of the artists work. Binding slightly loose. Book jacket slightly tatty. 10.00
Automobilia:International 20th Century Reference with Price Guide Gardiner, Gordon & Morris, Alistair ACC Art Books. 1998. HBK. 1851492933. Third edition. Contains many photographs. 8.50
Avian Mythology George, J. C & Berger, A. J Academic Press. 1966. HBK. Contains some illustrations. Re-bound. 5.00
BMW 1800 1964-71 Autobook Ball, Kenneth Autopress. 1974. HBK. 0851475140. Re-bound. Binding loose. Autobook 813. 8.00
Basic Illustrated Canoeing Jacobson, Cliff Rowman & Littlefield. 2008. PBK. 9780762749597. Falcon Guide. Contains many illustrations. 5.00
Be Your Own Sailing Coach Emmett, Jon John Wiley & Sons. 2008. PBK. 9780470319291. Contains many colourful illustrations. 4.00
Being in the World:Selected Papers of Ludwig Binswanger Needleman, Jacob Condor. 1963. HBK. 0285647830. Cover tatty. Pages discoloured on book spine. 6.00
Bird Hybrids:A Checklist with Bibliography Gray, Annie P Commonwealth Agricultural Bureaux. 1958. HBK. Re-bound. 3.50
Bird Study Berger, Andrew J John Wiley & Sons. 1961. HBK. Binding slightly loose. First page discoloured. Contains many illustrations. 3.50
Birds from Moidart and Elsewhere Blackburn, Hugh David Douglas.1895. HBK. Binding very loose, pages don't open very well. Contains many illustrations. 4.00
Birds of Glamorgan Heathcote, A (Editor) D.Brown & Sons Ltd. 1967. HBK. Cardiff Naturalists' Society Series. Contains a few photographs. Re-bound. 5.50
Black's Veterinary Dictionary Boden, Edward (Editor) A&C Black. 2005. HBK. 9780713663624. 21st edition. Contains some illustrations. 8.00
Book of the Imps:A Practical Handbook Thorpe, John Bookmarque. 1997. PBK. 1870519507. Covers the Hillman Imp, Singer Chamois, Sunbeam Stiletto and all Imp derivatives to 1971. Many illustrations. 6.50
Budgerigar Book Howson, Ernest & Blake, James Beech Publishing. 2011. HBK. 9781857366181. 3rd Edition. Contains some illustrations. 8.50
Camps and Cruises of an Ornithologist Chapman, Frank M Hodder & Stoughton. 1908. HBK. No dust jacket. Binding slightly loose. Contains many illustrations and photographs, some in colour. 8.50
Caravans of the Himalaya Valli, Eric & Summers, Diane National Geographic Society. 1994. HBK. 079222793X. Contains many colour photographs & illustrations. Binding slightly loose. 10.00
Care and Propagation of Ornamental Waterfowl Laodlay, J. C McLagan & Cumming. 1933. HBK. Contains 68 illustrations. 4.00
Cecchetti Legacy:An Analysis and Description of the Cecchetti Method of Classical Ballet Guest, Ann Hutchinson & Bennett, Tony Dance Books Ltd. 2007. PBK. 9781852731229. Contains many illustrations. 5.00
Cetacean Behaviour:Mechanisms & Functions Herman, Louis M John Wiley & Sons. 1980. HBK. 047137315X. Contains some illustrations. Book jacket fairly worn. 8.50
Charles Reades Works Reades, Charles Chatto & Windus. 1884-1891. Set of three books, includes: Good Stories, The Jilt etc & The Autobiography of a Thief. Leather spines. Some foxing. 10.00
Cities for Children:Children's Rights, Poverty and Urban Management Bartlett, Sheridan Earthscan. 1999. PBK. 185383470X. As new. No library stamps. Contains some illustrations. 5.50
Cognitive Hypnotherapy:An Integrated Approach to the Treatment of Emotional Disorders Alladin, Assen John Wiley. 2008. HBK. 9780470032510. As new. No library stamps. Pen mark on inside page. 12.00
Comparative Biology and Evolutionary Relationships of Tree Shrews Patrick Luckett, W (Editor) Plenum Press. 1980. HBK. 0306404648. Contains many illustrations. Some slight marks on page edges but otherwise a good clean copy. 3.00
Couture Wedding Cakes Turner, Mich Jacqui Small. 2009. HBK. 9781906417079. Contains many colour illustrations. 7.00
Damien Hirst, The Agony and the Ecstasy:Selected Works from 1989 to 2004 Hirst, Damien Electa Napoli. 2005. PBK. 885100272X. Exhibition catalogue, Napoli 2004. Slightly tatty. Contains many photographs of the artists work. 12.50
Dawn of Conscience>:The Sources of our Moral Heritage in the Ancient World Breasted, James H Charles Scribner. 1933. HBK. Binding loose. Discolouration to the book jacket. Contains some black & white photographs. 6.00
Decorated Skin:A World Survey of Body Art Groning, Karl Thames & Hudson. 1997. HBK. 0500017751. Contains 418 illustrations, 278 in colour, and 4 maps. Over size book, jacket slightly tatty. 8.50
Diesel Multiple Units Countrywide Fowler, P. J Bradford Barton. 1976. HBK. 0851532381. Re-bound. Contains many black & white photographs. 3.50
Discoveries of a Crocodile Man Pooley, Tony William Collins Sons & Co Ltd. 1982. HBK. 000262124X. Contains photographs and illustrations. 5.00
Dynamic Psychology in Modernist British Fiction. Johnson, George M Palgrave MacMillan. 2006. HBK. 9781403952289. Contains some images. 5.00
Ecology of African Mammals Delany, M. J & Happold, D. C. D Longman. 1979. HBK. 0582441765. Contains many photographs and illustrations. Part of the Tropical Ecology Series. 5.50
English Electric Main Line Diesel Locomotives of British Rail Webb, Brian David & Charles. 1976. HBK. 0715371584. Contains many black & white photographs and illustrations. 4.00
Evolutionary Ecology of Birds :Life Histories, Mating Systems and Extinction Bennett, P & Owens, Ian O.U.P. 2002. PBK. 0198510896. Contains some black & white illustrations. 8.50
Favourite Song Birds Adams, H. G Groombridge & Sons. 1887. HBK. New edition. First page discoloured. Re-bound. Binding slightly loose. 17.00
Forced Induction Performance Tuning:A Practical Guide to Supercharging and Turbocharging Graham Bell, A Haynes. 2002. HBK. 9781859606919. Re-bound. Contains many illustrations. 17.00
Forgetfully Wonder Flemington, Megan Merlin Books. 1986. PBK. 0863033091. Contains some black & white photographs. 3.00
From the Electron to the Superhet:A Simplified Course for the Radio Service Man Otte, J. Salverda, Ph F & Van Willigen, C J Philips Technical Library. 1954. HBK. Library binding. Contains many illustrations and pull-out diagrams. 8.00
Game Birds & Wild Fowl:Their Friends and their Foes Knox, A E John Van Voorst. 1850. HBK. Library binding. Some foxing. Small library stamps on the corner of the plates. Pencil marks on some pages. 12.50
Guide to the Macintosh Family Hardware Apple Computer, Inc Addison-Wesley. 1990. PBK. 0201524058. Contains many illustrations. Cover very tatty. 6.00
Handbook of Australian sea-Birds Serventy, D. L, Serventy, Vincent & Warham, John A.H. & A. W. Reed. 1971. HBK. 0589070797. Contains many photographs, some in colour. Tape stain on the back inside cover. 8.00
Handbook of the Birds of West Africa Latimer Bates, George John Bale. 1930. HBK. Re-bound. Binding loose. Foxing to some pages. Quite a tatty cover. 3.00
Handbook to the Carnivora Part 1:Cats, Civets & Mungooses Lydekker, Richard Edward Lloyd Ltd. 1896. HBK. Part of Lloyd's Natural History Series. Binding very loose. Contains some colour illustrations. 12.50
Haynes Manual on Electrical and Electronic Systems Randall, Martynn Haynes Publishing. 2006. HBK. 1844252515. Binding quite loose, cover is slightly worn. Contains many illustrations mainly in black and white. 5.50
Hedges and Hedgelaying:A Guide to Planting,Management and Conservation Maclean, Murray Crowood Press. 2006. HBK. 1861268688. Contains many illustrations, some in colour. 4.00
Hillier's Fundamentals of Motor Vehicle Technology:Book 2 Powertrain Electronics Hillier, V. Coombes, P & Rogers, D Nelson Thornes. 2006. PBK. 0748780998. 5th edition. Contains many illustrations. 8.00
Hinduism Sen, Kshiti Mohan Penguin. 2005. PBK. 0141018240. First published in 1961. New edition with a foreword by Amartya Sen. 3.00
Hip Hotels Atlas Ypma, Herbert Thames & Hudson. 2005. HBK. 9780500512487. As new. No library stamps. Contains many colourful pictures. 2.00
History of Art:Painting from Giotto to the Present Day Hodge, A. N Arcturus. 2007. HBK. 9780572033774. Binding loose. Contains many colour illustrations. 5.00
History of the Eastbourne Aviation Company 1911-1924 McMahon, Lou & Partridge, Michael Eastbourne Local History Society. 2000. HBK. 095045608X. Contains many illustrations and photographs. Binding loose. 5.00
Home-Life of the Spoonbill, The Stork and some Herons Bentley Beetham Witherby & Co. 1910. HBK. Uncut page edges. Some foxing mainly to the front and back covers (inside). Contains 32 mounted plates. 6.50
In The Wake of Drake:The Journal of Pat Patterson Patterson, Pat United Writers Publications Ltd. 1981. HBK. 901976741. Contains some black & white photographs. Binding slightly loose. 8.00
J & P Transformer Book Franklin, A. C & D. P Butterworth-Heinemann. 1983. HBK. 0750617918. 11th edition. Contains many illustrations. 6.50
John Gould:The Bird Man:A Chronology and Bibliography Sauer, Gordon C Lansdowne Editions. 1982. HBK. 095082190X. Contains illustrations, some in colour. Book jacket a little tatty. 8.00
Letters of Lytton Strachey Levy, Paul (Editor) Penguin Books. 2006. PBK. 0141014733. Binding slightly loose. 6.00
London's Theatres Kilburn, Mike New Holland. 2002. HBK. 1843300699. Contains many colourful photographs by Alberto Arzoz. 8.00
Marks on German, Bohemian and Austrian Porcelain:1710 to the Present Rontgen, Robert E Schiffer. 2007. HBK. 0764325213. 3rd Edition. Contains many illustrations. 17.50
Medical Directory 2015 . CRC Press. 2015. HBK. 9781498705929. 169th edition. 2 volumes. 85.00
Modernism:A Sourcebook Matthews, Steven Palgrave Macmillan. 2008. PBK. 9781403998309. Slight marks to page edge but generally a good, clean copy. 3.50
Neurobiology of Social Communication in Primates:An Evolutionary Perspective Steklis, Horst D & Raleigh, Michael J Academic Press. 1979. HBK. 0126656509. Communication and Behaviour: An Interdisciplinary Series. Binding loose/broken at the front of the book. 12.00
Night Studio:A Memoir of Philip Guston Mayer, Musa Thames & Hudson. 1991. PBK. 0500276331. As new. No library stamps. Contains some photographs. 8.00
Nineteenth Century Locomotive Engravings Fenton, William Hugh Evelyn. 1964. HBK. Oversize book. Contains black and white illustrations. Re-bound. 8.00
Northern Waders Dickson, G. W. R Oriel Stringer. 1992. HBK. 0948122102. No.9 in the Caliologists' Series. Includes illustrations and some colour photographs. 6.50
Ornithology of Great Britain with reference to the Anatomy & Physiology of Birds Atkinson, John Hurst, Robinson & Co. 1820. HBK. Library binding in blue cloth. Some damage to first page where stickers removed. Some foxing to the first pages. 17.00
Otto Weininger:Sex, Science and Self in Imperial Vienna Sengoopta, Chandak UCP. 2000. HBK. 0226748677. Clean, tight copy. 5.00
Our Country's Birds and How to Know Them Gordon, W. J Day & Son. 1892 (inscription dated 1894). HBK. Illustrated by G.Willis & R.E.Holding. Quite tatty, binding loose. Illustrations are still very bright. 12.00
Paintings of Zurbaran Soria, Martin S Phaidon. 1955. HBK. Rebound, front and back inner page discoloured. Contains many examples of the artists work. 3.00
Palaearctic-African Bird Migration Systems Moreau, R. E Academic Press Inc. 1972. HBK. 0125066600. Loose binding. Contains some illustrations. 7.00
Peregrine Falcon at the Eyrie Heatherley, Francis Country Life. 1913. HBK. Library binding. Contains photos by the author and C.J. King. Some pages quite dirty. 8.00
Physionlogical Strategies in Avian Biology Phillips,J. Butler, P & Sharp, P Blackie & Son. 1985. HBK. 0412009218. Contains some illustrations. 8.00
Piano Trio:Its History, Technique and Repertoire Smallman, Basil Clarendon Press. 1990. HBK. 0193183072. Contains some musical scales. 5.00
Primate Males:Causes and Consequences of Variation in Group Composition Kappeler, Peter M (Editor) C.U.P. 2000. PBK. 0521658462. Contains some illustrations. Nice clean copy. 8.00
Private Life of Marie Antoinette Campan, Jeanne Louise Henriette History Press. 2008. PBK. 9781845886387. Contains some illustrations. 2.00
Propagating Plants (RHS) Toogood, Alan Dorling Kindersley. 1999. HBK. 1405300612. Binding slightly loose. Contains many colourful illustrations. 5.00
Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal Family Houston, Robert (Editor) Dorling Kindersley. HBK. 2015. 9780241248867. As new. No library stamps. Completely illustrated, many colour photographs. 2.50
Records of Birds Bred in Captivity Hopkinson, Emilius H.F & G Witherby. 1926. HBK. Binding a little loose/ 4.00
Royal Doulton Animals:A Charlton Standard Catalogue Dale, Jean Charlton Press. 2005. PBK. 088968295X. Fourth edition. Contains many illustrations in black & white and colour. 6.50
Rubens:A Master in the Making Jaffe, David & McGrath, Elizabeth National Gallery. 2005. HBK. 1857093712. Contains many illustrations. Binding slightly loose. 10.00
Social Play in Primates Smith, Euclid. O Academic Press. 1978. HBK. 0126527504. Contains some illustrations. Book has no dust jacket. 3.00
Speed on Wheels Campbell, Malcolm Sampson Low. 1949. HBK. Re-bound. Staining to the first few pages. Contains some black & white photographs. 7.50
Subway Art Cooper, Martha & Chalfant, Henry Thames & Hudson. 2009. HBK. 9780500514542. 25th anniversary edition. Oversize. Contains many colour photographs. Book spine torn. 12.50
Supermen:The Story of Seymour Cray and the Technical wizards behind the Supercomputer Murray, Charles J John Wiley & Sons. 1997. HBK. 0471048852. Stains on the first few pages. Contains some illustrations. 6.50
Territorial Antelope: The Uganda Waterbuck Spinage, C. A Academic Press. 1982. HBK. 012657720X. Contains some illustrations. 8.50
Ukrainian-English & English-Ukrainian Dictionary Niniows'kyi, W Ukrainian Book Store.1994. PBK. 5777008437. Third edition. No library stamps. As new. 4.00
Vivid Canvas Collyer, Margaret Librario. 2008. PBK. 9781906775070. Marks on page edges. Contains many illustrations. 4.00
Wankel RC Engine:Design and Performance Ansdale, R.F Iliffe. 1968. HBK. Contains many illustrations. Some stains to the page edges. 12.50
Waterfowl in Australia Firth, H. J Angus & Robertson. 1967. HBK. Contains Illustrations and photographs, some in colour. 5.00
Wildfowl in Hampshire Taverner, J. H Warren & Son. 1962. HBK. Contains 17 full page distribution maps. Book is slightly musty. 4.50
  Title Artist Description Price
Das Rheingold Wagner, Richard Testament. 2006. 2 CDs. 1 booklet. Bayreuth Orchestra. Keilberth. Hotter. Neidlinger. Lustig. Weber. Recorded live at the 1955 Bayreuth Festival. 10.00
Der Rosenkavalier Strauss Orfeo. 2008. 3CDs. 1 booklet. Kleiber. Watson. Fassbaender. Popp. Ridderbusch. Kusche. Recorded live 13/07/1973. 5.00
Il Primo Omicidio Scarletti, Alessandro Harmonia Mundi. 1998. 2 discs. 1 libretto. Fink. Oddone. Roschmann. Croft. Jacobs. Abete. Akademie Fur Alte Musik Berlin. 8.00
Piano Concertos 1 & 4 Original Versions Rachmaninov, Sergei Ondine. 2001. 1 disc. 1 booklet. Alexander Ghindin-Piano. Vladimir Ashkenazy. Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra. 3.00
Shostakovich:Symphony No.5, Symphony No. 6 Symphony No. 10 Shostakovich Bis. 2000. 2 discs. 1 booklet. BBC National Orchestra of Wales. Mark Wigglesworth-Conductor. CD box broken. 3.00
Songs by Charles Gounod Gounod Hyperion, 2000. 2 CDs + libretto. Lott, Murray, Rolfe Johnson 3.00