Current Minerals Local Plan

Read the saved policies from the existing Minerals Local Plan.

The Minerals Local Plan was adopted in 2003 and:

  • sets out our vision, objectives and strategy for mineral land use planning in West Sussex
  • provides a detailed policy framework for determining mineral planning applications
  • sets out the existing sites and commitments, and new site allocations, for minerals development.

Saved policies

The policies in the adopted plan were due to expire on 27 September 2007 unless the government decided that they should be saved for a longer period. Following our representations, the government decided that 9 of the 64 policies would not be saved beyond that date.

These policies are:

  • 23, 24 (new mineral workings)
  • 25 (reclamation)
  • 28 (oil and gas)
  • 43, 46 (planning applications)
  • 50 (surveys).

The saved policies will continue to form part of the statutory development plan and provide the local policy framework for development control decisions until they are replaced by new documents prepared as part of the new Minerals Local Plan.

Minerals Local Plan (2003)

Proposed sites

Proposed gravel sites

Proposed sand sites

Safeguarded rail sites

Proposed wharfage


Last updated:
5 February 2018

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