Information for members of the LGPS and those with police, firefighter, teacher and NHS pensions

Contact details

Contact us if you have a question about the LGPS or your circumstances have changed.

If you have changed your home address, email address or phone number, you can update your records online by logging into your personal Hartlink Online account.

If you need to update other personal details, such as your name or marital status or you want to change your bank details, contact the Pensions Team:

You should also contact the Pensions Team if you:

  • wish to claim payment of your deferred benefits
  • have any queries on the information provided on this site
  • have any queries regarding your benefits.

If contacting us by email, please include:

  • your full name
  • your National Insurance number
  • your date of birth.

It is also useful for us to know your current pension scheme membership status, for example:

  • Contributor - please also provide the name of your current employer
  • Deferred Pensioner (a leaver with benefits deferred until retirement)
  • Pensioner.
Last updated:
9 July 2018

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