Information for members of the LGPS and those with police, firefighter, teacher and NHS pensions
Last updated:
5 April 2017

Roles and responsibilities

About our administration protocols.

This page sets out the administration protocols that have been agreed between Capita and West Sussex Pension Fund (WSPF) to ensure the smooth running of the West Sussex Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS). They must be followed at all times.

The need for clean, timely data to administer the West Sussex Pension Fund (WSPF) has increased. If employers do not supply high-quality data to the fund:

  • the fund may:
    • not hold sufficient monies to meet payments as they fall due
    • pay the incorrect level of benefits to a member
    • be in breach of its statutory requirements
  • employers may:
    • pay incorrect contributions or higher contributions than required if the actuary is required to make estimates or approximations
    • have material mis-statements in their accounting disclosures that could be reported to the Pensions Regulator, who has recourse to apply sanctions, including fining the employer
  • employee members may:
    • receive and rely on inaccurate Annual Benefit Statements
    • receive incorrect benefit amounts
    • incur unexpected tax charges.

There are a number of statutory requirements within the LGPS for which there is a statutory duty to report to the Pensions Regulator if a material breach occurs.

  • Administration Strategy (PDF, 562KB) - sets out standards and guidelines agreed between Capita and WSCC to make sure the LGPS runs smoothly. The strategy is reviewed every 6 months and employers are informed of any revisions, which they can also comment on.
  • Breaches Policy (PDF, 60KB) - sets out the procedure for the West Sussex LGPS and relates to all of the fund's areas of operation.

Administration services

The Capita Pensions Team:

  • provides the administration service for the Local Government (as well as Police and Fire pension schemes) from when a member joins the scheme up until they leave/retire
  • provides the administration service to the surviving spouse/partner and/or children of deceased members
  • works closely with scheme employers to make sure each scheme runs smoothly
  • keeps member records up-to-date based on the information provided by employers.

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