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How is my pension reduced if I retire early?

How your pension is calculated if you take early retirement.

Your benefits are calculated on the basis that they are first paid on your normal pension age (NPA). However, you can draw them from age 55 onwards providing you have left the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) employment in which the benefits were built up.

If you have left your employment and decide to draw your pension early, the benefits are reduced to take account that they will be in payment longer.

Generally, your benefits up to 31 March 2014 will have an NPA of age 65, and benefits built up after that date will have an NPA in line with your State Pension age at the date your benefits are drawn.

If you were a member of the scheme before 1 October 2006, you may also have protections under theĀ 85 year rule. TheĀ 85 year rule may protect some or all of your benefits against some or all of the reductions to your benefits despite them being drawn before your NPA.

Reductions are applied separately to each part of your benefits as different reductions may apply to different periods.

Last updated:
9 July 2018

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