Information for members of the LGPS and those with police, firefighter, teacher and NHS pensions
Last updated:
5 April 2017

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How much will I pay in?

View FPS 2015 contribution and percentage rates and how we calculate your benefits.

How your contributions are calculated

Your contributions will be assessed on the pensionable pay you receive, including all permanent emoluments determined by the firefighter’s role or, in the case of a Chief Fire Officer and/or their assistants, the salary appropriate to the overall responsibilities of the post. It will also include any retaining allowance paid to a member on a retained duty contract.

Contribution rates for 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018

Your pensionable payYour contribution rate
Up to £27,543 10.5%
£27,544 to £51,005 12.7%
£51,006 to £142,500 13.5%
£142,501 or more 14.5%

The contribution rate you will pay will be determined when you join the scheme and then at the start of each following scheme year (1 April). In determining the band you fall into it is the pay that a whole-time firefighter would receive for the role you hold that is used rather than your actual pensionable pay.

Although your contribution rate would be determined by reference to the whole-time equivalent pay, if you are a part-time, retained or volunteer firefighter, the contribution rate will be applied to the actual pensionable pay you receive.

Contribution rates from 1 April 2018

Your pensionable payYour contribution rate
Up to £27,818 11.0%
£27,819 to £51,515 12.9%
£51,516 to £142,500 13.5%
£142,501 or more 14.5%

How your pensionable pay is calculated

Contributions, pensions and certain other benefits are based on ‘pensionable pay’ and ‘assumed pensionable pay’.

The items treated as pensionable are:

  • pay received for the performance of the duties of your role, except for any allowances or emoluments paid on a temporary basis
  • your permanent emoluments (including, in the case of a retained firefighter, any retaining allowance)
  • the amount forgone if you have agreed to surrender the right to receive part of your pensionable pay in exchange for West Sussex Fire & Rescue Authority providing a non-cash benefit (this is sometimes referred to as salary sacrifice)
  • the amount paid for continued professional development.

If your pensionable pay is reduced or ceases we may use assumed pensionable pay in certain circumstances to calculate the contributions you are due to pay or the pension you are entitled to count. Assumed pensionable pay is roughly equal to the pensionable pay that you would have received if those circumstances had not applied.


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