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What if I leave or opt out before normal pension age?

Find out your options if you leave your job or decide to leave the scheme.

Opting out

You can choose to opt out of the Retained Firefighters' Modified Pension Scheme 2006 (RFMPS 2006) at any time by completing the opt-out form below and sending it to your payroll department.

If you opt out within one month of re-joining the RFMPS 2006 following a transfer of employment from another English fire and rescue authority and have not transferred other pension benefits into the scheme you will be treated as never having re-joined the scheme. If any pension contributions have been deducted from your pay, they will be refunded through payroll.

Leaving employment

If you leave your employment as a firefighter or opt out more than one month after re-joining the scheme, you will become entitled to keep your pension benefits in the Retained Firefighters' Modified Pension Scheme 2006 (RFMPS 2006) or to transfer them to another pension arrangement.

You can exercise the option to transfer your benefits to another pension scheme at any time up to one year before your deferred pension age. There are restrictions on the types of pension arrangement that you can transfer your RFMPS 2006 benefits to so, please contact the Pensions team if you wish to transfer your benefits to another pension scheme.

If you keep your benefits deferred in the RFMPS 2006 your deferred pension will be increased each year by the cost of living as measured by the Pensions Increase (Review) Orders and we will send you an annual statement so you know the value of your benefits.

Drawing your benefits

If you are no longer employed by a fire and rescue authority in England you can draw your benefits without reductions applying from deferred pension age which is age 65. We will contact you before your deferred pension age to confirm the benefits due to you but you can request payment before this date by contacting the Pensions team.

If you choose to draw your retirement benefits before you reach your deferred pension age, they will be reduced to reflect the early payment of these benefits.

Last updated:
10 July 2018

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