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Can I transfer another pension to the RFMPS 2006?

What happens if you want to transfer another pension to the Retained Firefighters Modified Scheme 2006.

You are able to transfer other pensions in providing we are able to accept the transfer and your request to transfer is made in writing within the first 12 months of joining the scheme.

We cannot accept:

  • a transfer of pension credit rights that relate to the dissolution of a marriage or civil partnership
  • a transfer that does meet certain ‘contracting out’ requirements
  • a transfer where the service credit provided by the transfer plus your prospective service to age 55 would exceed 30 years.

The value of the transfer will be used to buy a service credit in the pension scheme to increase the amount of pension you will receive when you retire. You will be provided with an estimate of the benefits that could be purchased in the scheme before being asked if you would like to proceed with the transfer of benefits.

If you are interested in transferring any pension rights from another pension into the pension scheme, please complete one of the forms below.

Transfer of benefits packs

Complete the form in this pack to allow us to investigate a transfer from a personal, occupational or stakeholder pension scheme:

  • Transfer of benefits pack (PDF, 102KB) - download and complete the form in this pack.
  • Complete the form in the transfer pack online. This covers transfers from other public service pension schemes and Firefighters' Pension Schemes' employers. 

If you wish to investigate a transfer from an overseas scheme, please email the Pensions Team.

Last updated:
10 July 2018

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