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How much will I pay in?

View FPS 1992 contribution and percentage rates.

Your contributions are assessed on the pensionable pay you receive, including all permanent emoluments determined by the firefighter’s role or, in the case of a Chief Fire Officer and/or their assistants, the salary appropriate to the overall responsibilities of the post.

The contribution rate you will pay will be determined at the start of each scheme year (1 April). In determining the band you fall into it is the pay that a whole-time firefighter would receive for the role you hold that is used rather than your actual pensionable pay.

Although your contribution rate would be determined by reference to the whole-time equivalent pay, if you are a part time firefighter the contribution rate will be applied to the actual pensionable pay you receive.

If you are able to build up 30 years' pensionable service before you reach age 50 you will not be required to pay pension contributions between the date you reach 30 years' pensionable service and the date you reach your 50th birthday. If this rule affects you, we will contact you.

Contribution rates from 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019

Your pensionable pay Your contribution rate
Up to £15,609 11.0%
£15,610 to £21,852 12.2%
£21,853 to £31,218 14.2%
£31,219 to £41,624 14.7%
£41,625 to £52,030 15.2%
£52,031 to £62,436 15.5%
£62,437 to £104,060 16.0%
£104,061 to £124,872 16.5%
More than £124,872 17.0%
Last updated:
10 July 2018

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