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How do I know if I have full or tapered protection?

Find out how to tell if your FPS 1992 pension is full or tapered.

You are fully protected if you are a member of the Firefighters’ Pension Scheme 1992 (FPS 1992) and, as at 1 April 2012, were aged 45 or more. You will remain in the FPS 1992 until your retirement. Unlike members of the FPS 1992 who transfer to the Firefighters’ Pension Scheme 2015 (FPS 2015), you will continue to have a cap of 30 years’ service on the amount of pension that you can earn, even if you pay pension contributions for over 30 years.

You will have tapered protection if you are a member of the FPS 1992 and, as at 1 April 2012, were between the age of 41 and 45. Your tapered protection date is personal to you and at your taper date, you will move across to the FPS 2015. Your existing FPS 1992 pension will not transfer with you and will remain fully protected in the FPS 1992. If your tapered protection date falls after you choose to retire, you will not move across to the FPS 2015.

You are unprotected if you are a member of the FPS 1992 scheme and, as at 1 April 2012, were under the age of 41. Unprotected members transitioned into the FPS 2015 on 1 April 2015.

If you retire after transferring across to the FPS 2015, you will have pension rights in both the FPS 2006 and FPS 2015. This means you will have a ‘two-part’ pension.

Part 1 - The first part of your pension remains fully protected in the FPS 1992 and can be taken, on retirement, from age 50 if you have completed 25 or more years’ service. Your service in the FPS 2015 will also count towards your 25-year total. Your FPS 1992 pension will still be calculated on your average pensionable pay at retirement and you will continue to have access to the same commutation rights for your FPS 1992 pension.

You will also continue to benefit from the effect of ‘double accrual’ and there will be an enhancement to your protected FPS 1992 pension to proportionally reflect the double accrual on the FPS 1992 pensionable service you have already built up. Firefighters who complete 30 years’ service (FPS 1992 and FPS 2015 combined) before retiring will have each year of their FPS 1992 pensionable service converted to 45ths (2.22%) from 60ths (1.67%).

Part 2 - The second part of your pension is in the FPS 2015. If you remain an active member, this can be taken at:

  • age 55 with a reduction
  • age 60 without any reduction
  • after age 60 with a pension enhancement.

If you leave service before being entitled to take your FPS 2015 pension, it will come into payment in full at your state pension age.

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Last updated:
10 July 2018

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