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26 July 2017

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How your Council Tax is spent

View our Council Tax leaflet about how we spend your money.

Our annual Council Tax leaflet includes details of your Council Tax, including the County Council's planned spending, capital investment, the Government grant and changes to our costs.

Portfolio budget comparisons between financial years will comprise of a number of detailed changes, not all of which directly result in an increase or reduction to the net cost of the County Council.

In order to better understand the changes between years, it is recommended that you download the County Council Budget Book 2017/18 and refer to the 'Change in Spending' pages that follow each portfolio summary (page 26 onwards).

Please note that Council Tax is collected by your district or borough council. You can link to more information via How to pay Council Tax.

Adult Social Care precept

We have applied an Adults Social Care precept in 2017/18 of a 2% levy on the Council Tax.

The Government has allowed a rise of up to 3% for this purpose, provided it is invested in Adults Social Care provision.

The attached table compares the budget change between 2016/17 and 2017/18 for Adult Social Care with the budget for ‘non-ringfenced’ services.

The table demonstrates that the County Council has increased its budget slightly using the Department for Local Government and Communities definition. Both the Adults Social Care and the non ring-fenced budgets show the same change (0.1%), excluding the 2% levy sum.


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